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Finding Joy in Everyday Life

With God all things are possible. Regardless of the difficulties and the troubles that we may sometimes face in our lives, the truth is that, we can be happy and we can be joyful in life with God on our side. Knowing God’s love really does help and makes a major difference with our perspective about life, especially when we believe God’s love for us and we know that God is our greatest treasure. It truly changes our perspective about a lot of things for the better, and it frees us to be who God called us to be.

What a relieve it is to know that the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth loves us! And that He cares about every detail of our lives. It is a great relieve! Jesus said that the very hairs of our heads are numbered (Matthew 10:30). Amazing! So, if we know that God loves us so much, and we have established our relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ, then we should also bear in mind that, we are truly blessed!

Without a doubt, if you have been saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, you are faithfully and truthfully blessed. Be sure to encourage and comfort your heart everyday with the word of God, and to serve and participate with other brethren in the gospel of the Lord Jesus. Pray everyday and trust in God for all your needs, for He cares for you. Keep praying to God and listen for His answers to your prayers. Believe and expect God to make moves in your life, and for Him to do good things for you, and on your behalf. God will never fail you, and you can always trust in Him. Be blessed always. Live your best live with God, and live inspired!

Article post by Evangelist Dr. Unyime E. Bond
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